Reminder: Driving Angry ONLY Works In The Movies

Nick Cage’s new 3D action romp Drive Angry opens today.

Friendly reminder: It’s a movie–not a way of life.

Think it’s impossible for someone to take this movie title to heart? Tell that to the kids who saw car surfing on Jackass and have made it a real-life trend. No bueno.


Motor-Monitoring App Clock Teen Drivers’ Every Move

A new Android app allows parents to peep their teens’ driving habits even when they’re not along for the ride. The iGaurdian Teen application records a car’s speed, start and end points (via GPS), and distance traveled. It also monitors distracted driving (behind-the-wheel chatting or texting), and aggressive driving  (hard breaking, fast turns and quick acceleration). After each trip is complete, the app gathers all this info and emails it to the driver’s parents for review. And if a teen wants to bypass big brother by turning the app off? It will email her parents to let them know that the app has been deactivated.

Sound like dream app for overbearing parents and a nightmare for teens? Well, on the upshot, the app will also text a parent when a teen driver has been in an accident, allowing them to get to the scene as quickly as possible. When it comes to freaky fender benders,  nothing can be better than your parents showing up on the scene with a hug and promise that everything will be alright.

Technology can be great and all, but when it’s used to track your every move, it can feel a little too Orwellian.

What do you think of a monitoring apps like these?

Would you freak if your parents installed an app like this on your phone?

iPhone App Finds Parking Places For You

A new iPhone app, Parker, gives drivers real-time deets on available parking spots near you.  Well, if you live in Hollywood, that is.

How does it work? Streetline (the app maker) placed sensors in parking spots throughout 20-blocks of Hollywood in Los  Angeles. The sensors ping vacant and occupied info to receivers on nearby lamp poles, then to an info hub in Dallas and finally on to the iPhone app. The app uses Google maps to direct users to the available spots.

Roosevelt Island in NYC and Fort Totton Metro station in Washington DC will be equipped with the sensors next. The service will expand to Salt Lake City later this year. Streetline is also working to get the app on other smartphone operating systems. [via USA Today]


Teens Killed Car Surfing; Florida Makes The Practice An Arrestable Offense

Racks or running boards on the roof of a car are *supposed* to be for lugging surfboards, not used as a surfing platform itself. But daredevil teens (read: stupid teens) have taken to doing just that–car surfing across the nation, bringing a new level of danger associated with the term “distracted driving.”

Just last week, two Wellington, Florida teens died in a crash when a driver lost control of an SUV and flipped the car before it caught on fire. One teen was thought to be car surfing, while the other was trying to climb back into the vehicle after being on the roof.

The trend isn’t new–teens first started doing it in the ’80s after seeing Michael J. Fox car surf on top of a van. Outside of Hollywood, YouTube videos of people car surfing started popping up about four years ago. However, this recent accident, as well as recent reports like this one on msnbc have given the practice new attention.

Car surfing in Florida is now classified as an offense–anyone caught doing it will be arrested. Should a fatal accident occur, the driver can be charged with vehicular homicide and sentenced to years in jail.

I’m suspecting that teens that car surf are simply bored out of their minds and looking for something to do.

A little tip: If you’re bored or are just looking to surf,  grab a board and *drive safely* to the nearest wave pool or beach.You’ll most likely live to ride another day.

Celeb Spawn Sweet 16s: Zoe Bleu

Rosanna Arquette’s daughter, Zoe Sidel turns 16 today!

Congrats on being In The Driver’s Seat!!!

Celeb Spawn Sweet 16s: Shayne Audra Murphy

Eddie Murphy’s daughter Shayne turns 16 today!

Congrats on making it In The Driver’s Seat!

Spring Break!

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Thanks for checking in and happy driving!