Prevent Distracted Driving with ZoomSafer App for Smartphones

In the past, we’ve blogged about iZup and apps;  This week at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), more hands-free phone usage software is being announced for drivers. ZoomSafer, aims to help prevent distracted driving with its user-installed software for smartphone users.

The software works with GPS to identify when a user is moving faster than 15mph. When drivers pass that speed, ZoomSafer locks the phone’s keypad and screen and auto-replys to incoming texts and emails that they’re driving and will get back to the texter/emailer later. It auto-unlocks when the driver is done with her trip. The software also has voice-dialing capabilities for when a driver wants to make an outgoing call hands-free.

Other features include the ability to:

  • Prioritize inbound calls through your choice of hands-free options
  • Tell you who is calling so you don’t have to look at your phone.
  • Optionally share your status via email, text, Facebook or Twitter

ZoomSafer is available this week for BlackBerry and some Windows Mobile phones, with a version for Android phones expected in the next few months. Download a 7-day trial free or get a $3 per month subscription.



  1. There’s a new iPhone app called “StealthType SMS” that helps you type a completely accurate message without looking at the phone or speaking to it. It’s pretty cool …

  2. […] author Erika Stalder’s website encouraging girls to get to know their automobiles,” today featured ZoomSafer’s innovative software as a great way to prevent distracted driving. The post shows ZoomSafer is a great choice for teen […]

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