Teens Killed Car Surfing; Florida Makes The Practice An Arrestable Offense

Racks or running boards on the roof of a car are *supposed* to be for lugging surfboards, not used as a surfing platform itself. But daredevil teens (read: stupid teens) have taken to doing just that–car surfing across the nation, bringing a new level of danger associated with the term “distracted driving.”

Just last week, two Wellington, Florida teens died in a crash when a driver lost control of an SUV and flipped the car before it caught on fire. One teen was thought to be car surfing, while the other was trying to climb back into the vehicle after being on the roof.

The trend isn’t new–teens first started doing it in the ’80s after seeing Michael J. Fox car surf on top of a van. Outside of Hollywood, YouTube videos of people car surfing started popping up about four years ago. However, this recent accident, as well as recent reports like this one on msnbc have given the practice new attention.

Car surfing in Florida is now classified as an offense–anyone caught doing it will be arrested. Should a fatal accident occur, the driver can be charged with vehicular homicide and sentenced to years in jail.

I’m suspecting that teens that car surf are simply bored out of their minds and looking for something to do.

A little tip: If you’re bored or are just looking to surf,  grab a board and *drive safely* to the nearest wave pool or beach.You’ll most likely live to ride another day.


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