Motor-Monitoring App Clock Teen Drivers’ Every Move

A new Android app allows parents to peep their teens’ driving habits even when they’re not along for the ride. The iGaurdian Teen application records a car’s speed, start and end points (via GPS), and distance traveled. It also monitors distracted driving (behind-the-wheel chatting or texting), and aggressive driving  (hard breaking, fast turns and quick acceleration). After each trip is complete, the app gathers all this info and emails it to the driver’s parents for review. And if a teen wants to bypass big brother by turning the app off? It will email her parents to let them know that the app has been deactivated.

Sound like dream app for overbearing parents and a nightmare for teens? Well, on the upshot, the app will also text a parent when a teen driver has been in an accident, allowing them to get to the scene as quickly as possible. When it comes to freaky fender benders,  nothing can be better than your parents showing up on the scene with a hug and promise that everything will be alright.

Technology can be great and all, but when it’s used to track your every move, it can feel a little too Orwellian.

What do you think of a monitoring apps like these?

Would you freak if your parents installed an app like this on your phone?


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