No Hybrid? No Problem! Ten Ways To Eco-fy Your Ride

I created this image with the help of my publisher (thanks, Hallie!) for the Teens Turning Green Summit this past weekend in San Rafael, CA. Due to last minute printing snafus, I didn’t get the cards in time to give out to attendees, but I thought I’d share it here. (It reads kinda small, so click on the image to blow it up to a full-screen view.)



Michigan Bill Proposes Driver’s Ed To Include Eco Lessons

A new bill introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives would require driver’s ed programs to teach environmental safety  to new drivers.  If passed, the bill would require curriculum to include:

  • The benefits of carpooling and using public transportation.
  • The benefits of fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • How to maximize vehicle economy through maintenance and driving techniques.
  • How to recycling of fluids and parts.

As of now, the state of Michigan requires teens younger than 18 to complete 24 hours of in-class instruction and six hours of in-car driving lessons before they can apply for a license.

Will adding eco-education to the driver’s ed make for a better planet?

Would teaching safety suffer if driver’s ed courses focus on the environment?