Reminder: Driving Angry ONLY Works In The Movies

Nick Cage’s new 3D action romp Drive Angry opens today.

Friendly reminder: It’s a movie–not a way of life.

Think it’s impossible for someone to take this movie title to heart? Tell that to the kids who saw car surfing on Jackass and have made it a real-life trend. No bueno.


Free Driver’s Ed Class Offered for Georgia Teens and Parents

Teen drivers in Georgia will have a chance to supplement their driver’s ed with the  free Teens Ride with PRIDE (Parents Reducing Injuries and Driver Error) program, aimed at teaching good driving habits.

Why tack on another driving class (especially if you’re already enrolled in drivers ed)? Many insurance companies will give your parents a discount if you participate in such a program.  And if you’re rallying to get a hold of your parents keys, this could be a great bargaining chip in the battle.

The extra-credit class will be offered beginning Sat, Jan 9th at locations throughout the state of Georgia. Participating teens and at least one parent or guardian must be present during the entire two-hour course. Check the full schedule and find a class near you.

Georgia driver licensing laws changed in 2007. The current law states:

  • All 16-year-olds applying for a Class D driver’s license must complete an approved driver education course and complete 40 hours of supervised driving (including six hours of nighttime driving).
  • New Drivers 17 and older can opt out of the driver’s ed course and still remain eligible for a Class D driver’s license. They must have completed at least 40 hours of supervised driving, including at least six hours at night.
  • Parents or guardians must provide sworn verification in writing that driving requirements have been met in either case.


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Jordin Sparks Helps Kick Off “X the Text” Holiday Campaign

American Idol Alum Jordin Sparks, along with her mom, pledged not to text and drive by being the first to add their thumbprints to a banner that will tour the country this winter as part of Allstate Insurance’s “X the TXT: Thumbs Up to the Safest Holiday Ever” campaign.

The banner will travel to 30 cities in the tour, where families will be asked to add their own thumbprints as a public pledge not to text while driving. Participants will receive commemorative bracelets to wear as a reminder not to text and drive.

The holidays are one of the deadliest times of the year for teen drivers.  That coupled with results of a recent Allstate Foundation study, which revealed that 82% of driving teens claim to use cell phones while driving, and 49% admit to being extremely distracted by texting and instant messaging while driving makes the next few months a particularly poignant time for teens to take a public pledge not to text while driving.

Each city participating in the tour will compete to see who can “Top the Tally” or collect the most thumbprint pledges from teens.

Anyone can get involved by taking a virtual pledge not to text and drive via the Allstate Facebook cause page.  In addition to keeping you and your friends safe from the dangers of distracted driving, your pledge will generate money for the National Organizations for Youth Safety–Allstate will donate a dollar to the org for every Facebook “Thumbs Up” supporter.

Make Art, Win Loot With Create Real Impact Contest for Teen Drivers

When we think of lethal weapons, a cell phone isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But Impact Teen Drivers, a nonprofit that works to keep teens in-the-know about on-the-road safety, wants to make sure we know how dangerous and distracting cell phones, iPods, even other passengers can be while were behind the wheel. And they want your help to get the message out there.

The organization is now accepting entries for its Create Real Impact Contest. Teens aged 15-20 can write a song, film a PSA, design a logo or T-shirt or write a story depicting how gadgets (like phones and mp3 players) cause distracted driving with fatal results.

Prizes include cash for college, a Mac Notebook or a chance to work with a music producer to mix your song. Submission deadline is January 18, 2010.

Created For Teens, By Teens: Montana Recognizes First Teen Driver Safety Day

Montana schools will be recognizing its first Teen Driver Safety Day today. The new observance is a result of the lobbying of three teens (Jessica Anderson, Mariah Gondeiro and Sam Keaster), who worked this spring with Mike Milburn (R) to create a day focused on bringing teens’ attention to the dangers of multitasking behind the wheel. Check out the news vid above and cheers to Jessica, Mariah and Sam for their success in bringing change to Montana and distracted-driving awareness to resident teens.

Celebrate YASLA’s Teen Read Week

Want to escape the cold harsh realities of car world? YASLA’s Teen Read Week, which starts next week, may just have the answer: Read Beyond Reality.

Next week, authors–including Violet on the Runway author Melissa Walker–will convene for live web chats on their books. Watch the vid , pick up one of these fab reads, then join in on the chats.