Celeb Sixteens: Kiril Kulish

Broadway star Kiril Kulish turns 16 today!

Happy Birthday, Kiril!

Rock it out In The Driver’s Seat!


Handsfree Email, Texting Service Debuts at CES

Another hands-free text and email service was announced at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) last weekend. Dial2Do voice recognition software for smartphones allows users to send, listen and reply to emails and text messages, and record reminders for themselves hands-free while behind the wheel.

When driver’s want to send a hands-free text, for example, they can simply say “text message,” then speak the message. Dial2Do converts the spoken word to text and sends the message.

Dial2Do trials are offered for free on the site. Subscriptions are available for $4 a month or $40 a year.

Celeb Sixteens: Charlotte Best

Aussie soap star Charlotte Best turns 16 today!

Happy Birthday, Charlotte

Rock it out In The Driver’s Seat!

Prevent Distracted Driving with ZoomSafer App for Smartphones

In the past, we’ve blogged about iZup and DriveSafe.ly apps;  This week at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), more hands-free phone usage software is being announced for drivers. ZoomSafer, aims to help prevent distracted driving with its user-installed software for smartphone users.

The software works with GPS to identify when a user is moving faster than 15mph. When drivers pass that speed, ZoomSafer locks the phone’s keypad and screen and auto-replys to incoming texts and emails that they’re driving and will get back to the texter/emailer later. It auto-unlocks when the driver is done with her trip. The software also has voice-dialing capabilities for when a driver wants to make an outgoing call hands-free.

Other features include the ability to:

  • Prioritize inbound calls through your choice of hands-free options
  • Tell you who is calling so you don’t have to look at your phone.
  • Optionally share your status via email, text, Facebook or Twitter

ZoomSafer is available this week for BlackBerry and some Windows Mobile phones, with a version for Android phones expected in the next few months. Download a 7-day trial free or get a $3 per month subscription.

New Year, New Laws–No Texting While Driving in 3 More States

As of Jan 1, Illinois, New Hampshire and Oregon have joined more than 20 other states to ban texting while driving.

AAA is pushing for a ban in all 50 states by 2013.

Do you think texting while driving should be outlawed?

Parent/Teen Communication is Emphasis for Connecticut Teen Safe Driving Week

Connecticut State Police are encouraging parent/teen communication as part of their Teen Safe Driving Week this week. Their program, called, ParenTeen, asks parents to review safe driving methods, rules of the road, risks of drinking and driving,  and the importance of wearing seat belts when in a car. It’s definitely a good idea for parents to talk to kids about safe driving–and better yet, lead by example.  We wonder how much influence such a talk would have.

If your parents were to talk to you about safe driving, would you pay more attention behind the wheel?

Oil Prices Down for Thanksgiving Weekend, But are Projected to Rise in December

According to an AP news story released today, oil prices fell to $1.61 on Friday, down as much as 7 percent in some regions. The decline was the biggest in oil prices since April 20th of this year.

Sweet, huh? Analysts say not to get too excited.

As of today, prices crept back up and it is expected that in December, for the first time in 10 years, the prices set for oil will be at a major high–double of what they were last year, according to Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst for OPIS

And in December, for the first time in about 10 years, oil prices are expected to be twice what they were a year ago, says Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst for OPIS (Oil Price Information Service).